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Welcome to Matteh Publications, a small publisher based in north London, England. Matteh Publications concentrates on e-publication of specialised literature, mostly historical fiction and science fiction. In addition, Matteh produces tools and web facilities for supporting authors in their promotional activities.

Samples of published works can be read online at our Issuu site
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Current book releases

Check out the list of current publications. The historical fiction titles are set in the ancient near east towards the end of the second millennium, exploring though carefully researched fiction the complex dealings between Egypt and the province of Canaan. Science fiction titles are set in a fairly near future, exploring contemporary issues such as fraud and human-machine relationships.

Author support

Matteh publications has experience in assisting authors who have a print-ready text document to prepare it for Kindle mobi and general epub distribution. See Skater in a Strange Land, Sherm Reinhardt and the Black Rose, The Last Phase Shift The Mirror and the Mage, The Staff and the Shield, and The Prophecy of Apollo for examples of our preparation work.

Author Widgets

Here you will find descriptions of web and blog widgets that individual authors can configure as they see fit to promote their books.

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