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Matteh Publications is pleased to offer a selection of author promotional tools. Over time there will be a number of these, but first off is a JavaScript widget.

These widgets are now available. Please contact Matteh if interested.

The Matteh Author Web Widget
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You've seen web widgets before - think of a bit of web script that you place in your web site for a Twitter feed, or for Goodreads. Web widgets may be placed in a web page, or in most blogs, providing that the blog allows script add-ins. Many blogs permit these in sidebars or page surrounds, although not in the main page area. Please check your blog documentation for details. Matteh Publications may be able to give advice in some cases.

The Matteh Author Web Widget is designed to centralise information about your book. Individual vendor sites such as Amazon provide widgets focusing exclusively on their own provision, and not that of other vendors. The Matteh Author Web Widget allows you to combine purchase links for multiple sites - such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, the iTunes bookstore, LeanPub, and so on. If you know the web link to somewhere that sells your book, you can add it.

It's the same for review links. Maybe you have a bunch of reviews on Amazon... then some on Goodreads. And a few on different blogs here and there. Once again, they can all be added to the listing, so people just discovering your writing can find all of these from one central source.

And... what about extracts? You have probably put some extracts on your home web site. But maybe you've taken part in a bookfair blog, or had some writing showcased on someone else's web page. Wherever they are, if you know the web link you can combine them all in one place.

Best of all, it is endlessly configurable. Found a new vendor, a new review, or put up another extract somewhere? No problem! Matteh Publications provides a dynamic web page so that you can update your Matteh Author Web Widget anytime you want.

Interested? Then follow the link to sign up for your own Matteh Author Web Widget, or if you already have one, you can re-configure it any time you want.

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