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These widgets are now available. Please contact Matteh if interested.

Before you can log in and configure your Matteh Author Web Widget, you must register your interest and set up a Paypal payment to cover the cost of the widget. To do this, please complete the form below. Currently there is a reduced-fee limited time introductory offer of £10 (or the equivalent in your local currency, which will be converted by Paypal) for setup fees, to include all updates and opportunities to reconfigure the widget. This introductory offer will be withrawn at some stage. The normal price will be £20 for setup fees.

The form below will redirect you to the secure Paypal site for handling the money transaction. Matteh Publications will not receive any credit card details during this transaction, but will only receive a payment confirmation message which will be matched against your details. If you prefer not to use Paypal please email me at and we can come to other arrangements.

New users -
please complete the purchase transaction at the Paypal site:
Author web widget

The Paypal confirmation process will generate a transaction ID. Once this is in your possession please send an email to containing your name and the contact email address you prefer to use, together with the transaction ID. At this point Matteh Publications will set up an account and activate your entitlement to the Matteh Author Web Widget. We will send a reply confirming these details and providing you with a user ID and configuration ID. On any subsequent operations with the widget you will use these details to log in and configure the widget.

Your registration fee allows unlimited use of the Matteh Author Web Widget on as many web sites or blogs as you wish, and unlimited opportunities to configure the widget at this site, for example to add links to more marketplace sellers or online reviews.

At present, a Matteh Author Web Widget relates to a single book - future developments will allow multiple books per widget.

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