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Far from the Spaceports
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Far from the Spaceports cover
Far from the Spaceports, a science fiction novel
This story is the first in a planned series of science fiction novels set in the fairly near-future of our solar system. See for more details of the story. The themes of the book are high-tech financial crime, life on a collection of scattered habital environments, and human-machine relationships.
Publication date
Published November 2015 and available in paperback and Kindle editions (general epub to follow).
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Paperback version only at the CreateSpace store: apply special code SHLSL5BY at the checkout for a discount.
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978-0993-1684-4-4 (paperback)
978-09931684-5-1 (Kindle and general epub)
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About the book
Quick wits and loyalty confront high-tech crime in space

Welcome to the Scilly Isles, a handful of asteroids bunched together in space, well beyond the orbit of Mars. This remote and isolated habitat is home to a diverse group of human settlers, and a whole flock of parakeets. But earth-based financial regulator ECRB suspects that it’s also home to serious large scale fraud, and the reputation of the islands comes under threat.

Enter Mitnash Thakur and his virtual partner Slate, sent out from Earth to investigate. Their ECRB colleagues are several weeks away at their ship’s best speed, and even message signals take an hour for the round trip. Slate and Mitnash are on their own, until they can work out who on Scilly to trust. How will they cope when the threat gets personal?
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