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Scenes from a Life
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Scenes from a Life cover
Scenes from a Life, a historical fiction novel
This story takes place about 10 years after the end of the full length novel In a Milk and Honeyed Land, with flashbacks to earlier events. See for more details of the story. The setting of Kephrath itself in the Canaanite hill country will be familiar from the novel, and some of the individuals will be familiar from the novel. The story begins far upstream along the River Nile, and the connections to the province of Canaan are gradually revealed.
Publication date
Published December 2014 and available in paperback and Kindle editions (general epub to follow).
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Paperback version only at the CreateSpace store: apply special code ZJBC2JPW at the checkout for a discount.
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About the book
What journey would you make to encounter the meaning of a dream?

Makty-Rasut is a scribe in New Kingdom Egypt, fashioning tombs for the elite. He lives a comfortable but restless life, moving every few years further upstream along the river Nile. He is content to exercise his talent without examining his origins.

Then a series of vivid dreams, interpreted with the help of a senior priest, disrupts this pattern. To solve the riddle, he must go on a journey that will take him outside the Beloved Land and away from the life that he knows. His travels take him into the neighbouring province of Canaan, to a hill-country village called Kephrath, and to a way of life he has never considered.
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