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The Flame Before Us
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The Flame Before Us cover
The Flame Before Us, a historical fiction novel
This story takes place about 20 years after the end of the full length novel In a Milk and Honeyed Land. See for more details of the story. The setting of Kephrath itself in the Canaanite hill country will be familiar from the novel, and there is some overlap of characters. The story opens to the north, in modern Syria, as invading newcomers destroy the city of Ugarit. It follows several inter-related groups of people as they cope with the changing situation.
Publication date
Published April 2015 and available in paperback and Kindle editions (general epub to follow).
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Paperback version only at the CreateSpace store: apply special code 365DQESC at the checkout for a discount.
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Sample – Kindle mobi
Sample – epub
Interview – Tadugari and Anilat – Kindle mobi
Interview – Tadugari and Anilat – epub
Interview – Nikleos and Kastiandra – Kindle mobi
Interview – Nikleos and Kastiandra – epub
Interview – Labayu – Kindle mobi
Interview – Labayu – epub
Interview – Hekanefer – Kindle mobi
Interview – Hekanefer – epub
978-0993-1684-1-3 (paperback)
978-0993-1684-0-6 (Kindle and general epub)
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About the book
Conflict and commitment in the shadow of a city’s downfall

The raiding ships have come before, but this time it is different. This time the attackers are coming to stay, and defensive walls will not hold them back. Nowhere is safe. One by one, the great kings and their vassal cities collapse as the newcomers advance.

The land is already a patchwork of many different peoples, bound together in a fragile web of traditional alliances and rivalries. How will political and personal promises change with the arrival of the new clans? Is war inevitable, or can a different answer be found?

Walk with refugees, migrants, and defenders of the land alike, as they struggle to create a different way of life beside the ruins of the old. Can alliance, commitment and love survive the turmoil?
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