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The Lady of the Lions
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The Lady of the Lions cover
The Lady of the Lions, a short story of Kephrath
This short story takes place about 150 years before the start of the full length novel In a Milk and Honeyed Land. See for more details of the story. The setting of Kephrath itself in the Canaanite hill country will be familiar from the novel, but none of the characters overlap. The story explores the background to two letters written to the Egyptian pharaoh about a threat to the region.
Publication date
Published March 2013 and available in Kindle and general epub editions.
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978-0954-5535-3-1 (Kindle)
978-0954-5535-5-5 (general epub)
From the story
Belita-Labiy found it difficult to concentrate, though, with the news rippling around the hill country. So far the raids had not been too close, but from all that she had heard, these groups of men were swift to move, and swift to strike, wherever they pleased. Who could say which town they might visit next?
So when the festival came she knew that her dancing, while apparently as fluent and potent as ever, lacked the whole-hearted commitment that she preferred. It could not be helped, but the distraction nagged at her. All the while that she danced like Taliy in the earliest garden, and later as her body thrilled and her voice cried out in lovemaking, part of her soul was anxiously flitting around the uplands, trying to guess what would happen next.
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