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The Man in the Cistern
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The Man in the Cistern cover
The Man in the Cistern, a short story of Kephrath
This short story follows about ten years after the events described in the full-length novel In a Milk and Honeyed Land. See for more details of the story. Many of the individuals will be familiar from the novel. The story describes the resolution of a potential conflict threatening the town of Kephrath.
Publication date
Published October 2012 and available in Kindle and general epub editions.
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978-0-9545-5351-7 (Kindle)
978-0-9545-5354-8 (general epub)
From the story
“They are more of a threat to themselves just now. But two things might happen. One is that men might join, and stay, who have some weapons and some real aggression. Then they might start to intrude on surrounding towns including this Kephrath. Or, and maybe more likely, they could bring a plague of sickness into the area. These are not men who know how to live outside, not for the most part. A few have been slaves, but most of them are workers who have always been told what to do. They are used to living in houses. The main thing that protects Kephrath is that they do not know how to act in concert as a group. They are just like a rough heap of gravel. But perhaps someone could turn them into a rock and start to pound others around them.”
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