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Timing, Far from the Spaceports book 2
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Timing cover
Timing, a science fiction novel
This story follows about a year after Far from the Spaceports, and is a science fiction novel set in the fairly near-future of our solar system. See for more details of the story. The themes of the book are high-tech financial crime, life on a collection of scattered habital environments, and human-machine relationships.
Publication date
Published October 2016 and available in paperback and Kindle editions (general epub to follow).
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Paperback version only at the CreateSpace store: apply special code SHLSL5BY at the checkout for a discount.
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978-0993-1684-6-8 (paperback)
978-0993-1684-7-5 (Kindle and general epub)
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About the book
When quick wits and loyalty are put to the test

Mitnash and his AI companion Slate, coders and investigators of interplanetary fraud, are at work again in Timing, the sequel to Far from the Spaceports.
This time their travels take them from Jupiter to Mars, chasing a small-scale scam which seems a waste of their time. Then the case escalates dramatically into threats and extortion. Robin’s Rebels, a new player in the game, is determined to bring down the financial world, and Slate’s fellow AIs are the targets. Will Slate be the next victim?
The clues lead them back to the asteroid belt, and to their friends on the Scilly Isles. The next attack will be here, and Mitnash and Slate must put themselves in the line of fire. To solve the case, they need to team up with an old adversary – the only person this far from Earth who has the necessary skills to help them. But can they trust somebody who keeps their own agenda so well hidden?
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